Cleantech Roadmap

You have done your energy audit to capture up to $10,500 in rebates to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home. You have your report but are not sure how to move forward.


Are these some of the questions you are asking yourself?

  • What should I do first in order to maximize cost savings and size your new HVAC properly?
  • How much will this cost me and what is the return on investment?
  • What is the impact of each energy retrofit suggested?


We work with Goldfinch Energy to develop a Clean Tech Roadmap to help you.

What is a Cleantech Roadmap?

 The Cleantech Roadmap is a customized report that builds upon your energy audit. By incorporating cost-benefit analysis and energy modelling the report provides you with the most viable options to help you reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions. We meet you where you are and account for your budget and your goals to provide you  with a customized report. 

Whether you are considering how to get your home to net zero, want to switch to a heat pump but are uncertain whether or not you need to insulate first, or want to know more about the latest green building practices, we recommend a Cleantech Roadmap to help you decide your path forward.

We help homeowners who are interested in:

  • Reducing your home’s reliance on fossil fuels (with heat pumps and more)
  • Fixing hot and cold rooms (by diagnosing causes of discomfort and connecting you to the right contractors)
  • Establish an actionable plan (a Cleantech Roadmap) 

These are additional services that take your Energy Audit to the next level to bring a focus to:

  • Heat Pump sizing and installation
  • Duct work testing and sealing for even, effective distribution of heating and cooling.

A Cleantech Roadmap is structured as a custom report for your retrofit. The order of steps are designed so that each action benefits the next step. This will help to reduce the cost overall and ensure you reach your goal.

A Cleantech Roadmap is offered in addition to an energy audit for a cost of $200.

A Sample Cleantech Roadmap

“Goldfinch Energy’s Cleantech Roadmap provided me with an actionable list that I am now working my way through. Their trusted analysis combined with passion for the planet is exactly what I want in a consultant.”

— Andrea, Harbord Village Homeowner

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