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Audrey Bayens

EcoGreen Interactive Inc.
Registered Energy Auditor

Commercial, Public and Residential Building Energy  Consultant

Supporting Commercial Building Owners, Property Managers, Municipal Staff and Home Owners to reduce GHG for their buildings.

Sustainability professional with Advanced Building Science and Net Zero retrofit credentials. Extensive experience supporting Municipal Facility Staff to meet Provincial requirements for Energy, Water Reporting Board (EWRB) compliance (O.Reg. 506/18) using NRCan’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager database. Development of successful case study reports for Municipal Recreational complexes to showcase their GHG and cost savings.  Deliver project management skills, detail oriented workback schedules, and team role assignments to execute projects. Monitor and report metrics to demonstrate success at significant milestones, which enables continued funding and support from management.

Expertise in:

Project Management
Building Energy Modeling
Retrofit Technology Construction


Andrew MacDonald

2050 Solutions Inc.
Commercial / Industrial Energy Advisor

Residential and Commercial Energy Management Consultant

Supporting Building Owners, Property Managers and Municipal Staff to reduce GHG for their buildings.

Sustainability professional with Energy Auditing, Energy Modeling, Measurement and Verification experience and credentials. Extensive experience creating reports and energy models to improve the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings to showcase their GHG and cost savings. Proficiency in energy management software such as HOT2000, RETScreen, and eQuest combined with professional certifications in Measurement and Verification, LEED and Quality Assurance ensures energy efficiency projects have all of their bases covered.

Expertise in:

Residential and Commercial Energy Audits
Energy Modeling
Measurement and Verification

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