Collaboration is the key

We are networking with global organizations that have tools to support traction toward a sustainable planet. Buildings contribute 40% of our Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  We work to connect energy and GHG analysis with professionals who can assist the building owners to reach net zero.


The built environment


Canada is evolving in the expectation of a Net Zero standard for new buildings. What does this look like and how do we achieve these goals?  Our case studies will illustrate the benefits of NZ standards and we host educational opportunities so you can learn how to apply this to your own projects.   

Our credentials include:

  • Natural Resources Canada Registered Energy Auditor
  • Training with Canadian Home Builders Association certification as a Net Zero Energy Advisor
  • Energy modeling experience in HOT2000, RetScreen and Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Advanced Building Science and Net Zero certification

Energy Star Portfolio Manager training to enable data input for:

  •  The Ministry of Energy’s Energy, Water Reporting Board (EWRB) compliance O.Reg. 506/18
  • The Broader Public Sector (municipalites) transition to using Energy Star Portfolio Manager for compliance O.Reg. 507/18